London based photographer and director Rowan Fee brings products to life through imaginative and meticulous still life photography. Specializing in technology, drinks, cosmetics, and other lifestyle products, Rowan crafts visually striking images tailored specifically to clients' needs.
His conceptual photographs go beyond documenting products - they tell compelling visual stories that connect with audiences on a deeper level. Whether for advertising, brand campaigns, or editorial, Rowan's photography leaves a lasting impact.
His impeccable attention to detail extends to still life set construction and lighting. Rowan photographs products in his London studio featuring backdrops and lighting rigs designed to showcase products to maximum effect. He also creates images on location by photographing products in real world situations when suitable.
Rowan stays on top of photography trends and techniques to create contemporary, cutting-edge visuals with broad appeal. Clients appreciate how Rowan understands their target demographics and creates customized photographs to align with their brand identity.
For impactful, polished still life photography for advertising, art directors, and editors, Rowan Fee delivers standout visual solutions to meet every creative challenge.