London-based photographer Rowan Fee brings products to life through thoughtful still life photography. Specializing in conceptual images ideal for advertising and editorial use, Rowan's unique style focuses on clean compositions and bold lighting to showcase your product.

With over a decade of experience capturing stunning still lifes, Rowan has worked with top brands in the technology, food and beverage, cosmetic, and consumer electronics industries. His portfolio includes work for both global agencies and smaller independent companies seeking stand-out product photography.

No matter the product, Rowan has a knack for highlighting its texture, shape and color in an ideal light. His conceptual approaches range from minimalist to richly styled, always keeping the product at the forefront. Highlights of his food and drink photography include playful interpretations of cocktails with integrated ingredients and abstract representations of flavors and sensations.

Based in London but available for commissions worldwide. Rowan operates out of a dedicated studio featuring the latest digital photography equipment. With attention to detail from first call to final delivery, Rowan works closely with clients to understand objectives and exceed expectations every time.