Photographer and director Rowan Fee produces striking conceptual images and films that bring products to life in imaginative ways. Blending photography and cinematic techniques, Rowan crafts visually rich projects tailored to clients’ marketing needs.

Rowan directs lifestyle product videos with a filmmaker’s eye, telling engaging brand stories and commercials. His moving image campaigns featuring technology, drinks, cosmetics, and other products focus on authentic moments and emotions using subtle pacing and thoughtful framing for maximum impact.

Working closely with clients from pre-production through post, Rowan fuses his photographic skills with film to create holistic campaigns centered around beautiful imagery. Dynamic lighting rigs, and cinema-quality equipment ideal for shooting both photos and films seamlessly.

Staying on top of contemporary trends in photography, filmmaking and advertising, Rowan brings concepts to life in imaginative new ways while aligning perfectly with brands’ core visual identities. Clients appreciate his integrated approach to image-making and ability to translate products into resonating lifestyle stories that connect with consumers.

Both moving image campaigns and hybrid photo/video projects, Rowan Fee delivers compelling visual solutions from conception through to production.